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hi, naomi here.

( nay – oh – me )

|    blessed, stressed, and the walking dead obsessed.

in short, I am a designer and photographer based in Buffalo, New York. I have an admiration for delicacy and detail – so much beauty lies within these things. I particularly enjoy documenting life’s moments – both my own and those of others, through photographs. my favorite show is the walking dead, because it’s about family coming together. I believe songs have the ability to speak to people better than some people can to each other and furthermore I think it’s perfectly fine if a song doesn’t have any lyrics at all. in my free time you can probably find me in the woods somewhere, camera in hand.

Communication (Graphic) Design Student
email – naomi [at] naomideer.com

Buffalo State College
Bacon Gallery
2017 Design Foundations Student Exhibition
3D Cube – Illusionistic Space

Buffalo State College
Graphic Design Tutor
January 2019 – present

Adobe Illustrator (intermediate)
Adobe Photoshop (intermediate)
Adobe InDesign (intermediate)
Adobe Premiere Pro (basic)
Adobe After Effects (basic)
Google Web Designer (intermediate)
HTML / CSS (intermediate)
Blender (basic)

Font of my handwriting found on dafont.com – Naomi’s Hand